Amigurumi Baby Dinosaur Toy Free Knitting Pattern

I still remember my girls were in Preschool and come back with all the …saurrus which make me unbelievable, and these names will be familiar for most moms, I bet. And then I learned that dinosaurs are interesting, educational, exciting, and tons of fun to use for craft time with your kiddos.  Here comes the cuddliest dinosaur who never lived, but many kids are crazy about it! I have shares some toy animals free knitting patterns that you can check them out. Now you can recreate your own Jurassic scene with this dinosaur toys as home decorations as well. Daisy is knitted in the round using double pointed needles, with her other body parts picked up and knitted, making her completely seamless!

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Amigurumi Baby Dinosaur Toy Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Daisy the Baby Dino by Emily