Bad Batch Socks Free Knitting Pattern

These socks were inspired by the good soldiers of the Bad Batch. Knitted Slippers to lounge around the house in coziness for Women. When it comes to knitting socks, there are countless awesome patterns around, as well as countless stunning sock yarns to choose from! Slippers and Socks might seem a little intimidating to beginners, but in reality they’re quite easy to do once you’ve got some practice. The Rank and File stitch is executed by a repeat of 4 rounds, as described in the leg pattern instructions. It is not difficult to learn but it is important to pay attention to the placement of the yarn (sometimes in front, sometimes in back, sometimes being moved back and forth). It quickly becomes habit and the result is stunning.

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Bad Batch Socks Free Knitting Pattern

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Bad Batch socks by Marie-Elyse Dugal