BriocheStarter Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Start your own brioche knitting with this BriocheStarter Hat free knitting pattern. This little piece is comfortable, playful, warm, perfectly slouchy, stretchy and finally, easy to knit. Hats are one of the common gift to send for newborns, I have shared some knit hat patterns before, they are cozy and special especially handmade by yourself, meaningful for bay gift delivery. Now time to begin your brioche journey with this pretty and simple hat pattern. If you want to learn to knit brioche stitch in the round, this simple hat is the perfect introduction. Once you get into the rhythm of it, brioche stitch is no more difficult than basic ribbing. You get to try out a new stitch pattern, and end up with a cute colorful hat which is a great beginner project for brioche newbies. It’s a win/win. Brioche stitch creates a thick and chunky fabric that is double sided and warm. This hat is worked in the round from the bottom up, starting with the brim, changing needles and continuing with body part, ending with the crown.

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BriocheStarter Hat Free Knitting Pattern

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BriocheStarter Hat by Raina K