Calming Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Hats are always adorable on newborns and babies, and this soft and simple hat will be just that.  If the little ones are in need of new hats, you might consider whipping up a few of adorable baby beanies. They are done with a rib knit stitch, so they will stay put on the kids’ heads. Making a toddler hat is always a fun endeavor. It’s the perfect size for a small project; quick enough to get done in a day but interesting enough to inspire your creativity. With a cuffed brim and simple stitches, you’ll be finished making it in no time and be ready to start another!

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knit Calming Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Calming Baby Knit Hat by Stacey Winklepleck