Cottage Quilt Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Knit a cozy patchwork blanket for your Winter days cozy up in Sofa or next to fireplace. I have shared some blanket free knitting patterns, you can practically feel the effort and love that went into it each time you use it! At the same time, knitting someone you care for a baby blanket might be the most satisfying gift as well. This Cottage Quilt Blanketpattern is the perfect stash buster, and it’s also super trendy as squares continue to be so popular! It’s beginner friendly and super nice to haul around as the squares can fit in your purse.

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Scrappy Cottage Quilt Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Cottage Quilt Knit Blanket Pattern by Mama in A Stitch