Expo 67 Geometric Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

This cowl is versatile and allows you to play with colours in a variety of ways. Looking at it brings back childhood memories of visiting the Montreal Exposition of 1967. Many of the pavilions on
the site of the exposition used geometry as building blocks. Even if you are accustomed to cabling without a needle, consider using one here. I have some fabulous knitting projects available for the cold weather. Cowl is a great way to fend off the first chill of winter because it’s smaller and quicker to knit than your average scarf, giving you something to wear while you work on bigger projects. Balancing two colours in your crossings can make it harder to maintain your tension while you work. Meanwhile make sure to use a removable marker for your beginning of round, as it will be moved frequently throughout the pattern.

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Expo 67 Geometric Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

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Expo 67 Cowl by Espace Tricot