Facial Scrubbies Free Knitting Pattern

Knit something for Mother’s Day with whatever left in your yarn stash. These little scrubbies are great for removing makeup or washing your face, and these handknit facial scrubbies from Deborah West are a waste-free option that you can make with whatever little 100 % cotton yarn leftovers you have. Super fast and easy to knit with less than 10 yards of cotton yarn! Make a dozen with one ball or use up all those cotton scraps sitting in your stash. These scrubbies are a wonderful addition to your beauty routine. Use them to wash your face with your favorite soap, remove makeup, or gently apply scrubs. Once you’ve used them, rinse and let air dry or toss them in with your laundry!

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Facial Scrubbies Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the Free knitting pattern:

Facial Scrubbies by Deborah West