Feel the Breeze Shawl Knitting Pattern

Feel the Breeze was originally designed for Miss Babs’ 2024.  Shawl Knitting is one of the exquisite and elegant accessory projects for the cold nights! Increases, decreases, and short rows form this simple shapes. Inspired Adventures Club ~ it was inspired by a hike along Portugal’s Algarve coast. This area is an exhilarating blend of ocean air and breathtaking views, with rugged cliffs, turquoise waves, and dramatic rock formations rising out of the water. Along the way, you can relax on hidden beaches, enjoying the fresh coastal air. capture the movement of the sea air in the shawl, with its array of rippling colors. It’s actually a breeze to knit: the ripples are created with just one pattern row, and the shawl is almost entirely garter stitch, without a single purl. Wear it as either a shawl or a scarf and delight in the lovely colors.

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Feel the Breeze Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Feel the Breeze by Jennifer Weissman