Catch of the Day Fish Sock Knitting Pattern

The whimsy of the trend required an equally whimsical pattern! Knitted Slippers to lounge around the house in coziness for Women. When it comes to knitting socks, there are countless awesome patterns around, as well as countless stunning sock yarns to choose from! This pattern has a continuous scale pattern across the body of the fish, an eye socket so you know where to sew on the eyes, fins, and curled lips! This pattern is recommended for advanced knitters, or knitters who are willing to stretch their skills. Beginner knitters who have at least one pair of socks under their belt should be able to tackle the pattern, but it’s recommended that they omit the scale pattern and work the leg and top of foot in stockinette stitch.

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Knit Catch of the Day Fish Sock Knitting Pattern

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Catch of the Day by Emma Bermudez