Fleur Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

After using the two-tone cables in the Fleur d’hiver hat, I wanted to use them in a larger piece. After a few modifications, here they are in this Fleur shawl.  There are different versions of shawl wrap that you won’t miss out for any weather. If you love all the needle work, don’t forget to check out all the knit fashions with free patterns.  Technically, this is a fairly simple shawl, with a first part that escapes the monotony of stockinette stitch thanks to a set of slipped stitches, the second part is made in jacquard with two-tone cables and the final edge in lace stitches, very simple , with the return of the central decrease used in the Plaisir shawl.

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Fleur Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

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Fleur by Camille Coizy Delahaie