Knit Braided Bolena Headband Free Knitting Pattern

The Bolena Headband is inspired by the toques in vogue in the English court in the 16th century. Headband is a great way to keep warm while staying stylish for you and your princess. This headband is wide at the top, which elongates the face and the plait detail gives you that elegant touch, even if you don’t know how to braid hair! The Bolena Headband is worked in the round in one piece. After reaching the length of the first tie, it’s divided in four to work each of the strands of the plait separately. Once you have reach the length for each of the four strands, you will braid them into the 4-strand plait, and then joined them to work the second tie.

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Knit Braided Bolena Headband Free Knitting Pattern

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Bolena Headband by Kate Barrios