Knit Chamaeleon Toy Free Knitting Pattern

This colorful and cuddly Knit Chamaeleon Toy reptiles make lovely children’s’ toys or unusual ephemera for the plush collector. If you are looking for toys as gifts for your kids, a classic gift that can brighten anybody’s day in Spring.  Whether you are making these up for a special friend or for yourself, you will surely find that these projects challenge and tickle your crocheting sensibilities.

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Knit Caia Chamaeleon Toy Free Knitting Pattern

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Caia Chamaeleon by Michaela Münch

Knit Chamaeleon Toy Free Knitting Pattern

Legs: 4 stitches iCord plus double crochets for the feet / fingers around the pipe cleaner

Eyes: 2 rounds of single crochet stitches all around, then one row of slip stitches with 3-4 decreases

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Philip by virtualAE