Treat a child to warm feet with this little ‘stay-on’ Knit Hodge Baby booties! These won’t take long to knit and will create memorable moments for the lucky kid that receives them that your friends definitely won’t find anywhere else. Hodge is a ribbed booties held in place by a fold down cuff and stretch and bounce back sides which don’t kick off easily. Designed to be knit in Vintage Purls sock yarn for easy care, and on 2.25 mm needles so the rib stays firm – Hodge comes in two styles, plain or with a little lace trim. Hodge is a compilation of many many ideas of knitting, for babies, is in two sizes, and is offered as a free pattern. Hodge is knit top down and is finished with a Russian graft at the toe – there is an accompanying video that demonstrates this technique, a quick and easy nice finish for garter stitch grafting, and perfect for using up left over sock yarn for practical uses.

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Knit Hodge Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the free knitting pattern

Hodge by Stella Lange