Knit The Girlfriends Doll Free Knitting Pattern

Millie and Lola are the little Girlfriends each with the skirt and the hat, is perfect gift for girls and their sisters or best friends to share. Buying toys as gifts for your kids is always exciting because it’s fun to see their faces light up in excitement when they see their new friend or play thing. That feeling is even better, however, when the toy you’re giving them is actually something you made yourself, rather than something you purchased from a store. These wonderful girlfriends will bring joy to both adults and children. They will decorate the interior of the children’s room and will be the best friends for your little princess. The mini hat and dress are two delicate to dress other barbie dolls, too.

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Knit The Girlfriends Doll Free Knitting Pattern

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The Girlfriends by Ekaterina Popova