Knit Warm Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern + Video

Make a pair of knit Warm Baby slippers or booties with this fun and easy knitting technique. The pattern is fairly easy, with the booties and ears knit flat and then seamed. Super warm, fast knitting and freaking adorable. Choosing what kind of baby shower gift to buy a new or expecting mom can be hard, but having DIY skills always makes things easier! What’s even better than buying the cute ones at the store? Making even cuter ones, of course! Treat a child to warm feet with these adorable bunny slippers! These won’t take long to knit and will create memorable moments for the lucky kid that receives them that your friends definitely won’t find anywhere else.  This Warm baby booties are of Size: 3-6 months.

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Knit Warm Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern + Video

Scroll down to bottom for the free English knitting pattern and video:

Warm baby booties by Katerina Mushyn