Maple Leaf Shawl Knitting Pattern

Inspired by the beautiful maple tree leaves so prevalent in the fall, this Maple Leaf Shawl will be a stunning addition to your autumn wardrobe. There are different versions of shawl wrap that you won’t miss out for any weather. If you love all the needle work, don’t forget to check out all the knit fashions with free patterns. This stunning piece can be made in light/medium fingering weight yarn, but those with a high wool content will be best since it needs to be blocked aggressively. the shawl will be more an eye catcher than a warming accessory then. You could also use sport yarn to make a wrap or a baby blanket.

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Maple Leaf Shawl Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the PAID knitting pattern:

Maple Leaf Shawl by Natalia @ Elfmoda