Mistral Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

You will love this lacy Mistral Blanket featuring The Showy Decrease and Hatch Stitch Edges.  I have shared some blanket free knitting patterns, you can practically feel the effort and love that went into it each time you use it! At the same time, knitting someone you care for a baby blanket might be the most satisfying gift as well. The Showy Decrease for this blanket is a simple modification to your k2tog and ssk decrease that turn the decreases into raised decorative elements. The left and right decrease also match perfectly. The pattern uses the Hatch Stitch edge. It’s an alternative to a garter edge that also helps prevent rolling. 

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Mistral Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Mistral Blanket by Laura Cunitz