Mohave Slouchy Tote Bag Free Knitting Pattern

Carry your necessities and more in this gorgeous, oversized knit bag! Featuring a slouchy design and wide straps, it’s both comfortable and practical. Playful tassels add fun and flair to your new fave knit tote.  Tote bags come in handy for a plethora of reasons. From bringing in the groceries, carrying extra books for school, serving as an extra diaper bag or just keeping at the clutter at bag in the car, everyone needs a collection of versatile and functional tote bags. This bag is made by first knitting a rectangular base. Next, you will pick up stitches around the base and proceed to knit in the round. Stitches are then split to work the shaping at the top and then again at the handles. The entire bag is knit while holding two strands of yarn together.

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Mohave Slouchy Tote Bag Free Knitting Pattern

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Mohave Slouchy Tote Bag by Jessica Reeves Potasz