NOLA Hand Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Long, ribbed wrist warmers that fit perfectly and are guaranteed to keep your hands nice and warm. The hand cuffs go perfectly with coats with wide sleeves and look particularly casual when they are worn slightly tucked up. If you are looking for another perfect knit hand accessory to keep your fingers and hands warm, then this pattern for Fancy Fingerless Gloves will be just the solution you need! The hand warmers are knitted in rounds from the bottom up with double pointed needles 3.0 mm. You start with the folded cuff, then the rib pattern is knitted in reverse, so that there is a folded edge and the cuff can later be folded accurately. 

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NOLA Hand Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the Paid knitting pattern:

NOLA Hand Cuffs by Paulastrickt