Drawstring Octopus Bag Knitting Pattern

A fun little cephalopod to hold all your dice or other small items.  if you need a pint-sized squishy, tentacled companion, Or better yet, an entire family of octopus friends! If you are looking for toys as gifts for your kids, these octopus bags are the classic gift that can brighten anybody’s day in Summer.  This knitting pattern will show you how to knit the entire bag, from body to tentacles with pictures to help explain the fiddly bits. This doesn’t take a lot of yarn to make, so it’s a good project to use up leftover yarns. Also, I’ve knit it from a wide variety of yarn, acrylic, fancy hand-dyed wool, etc and it all turns out fantastic.

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Drawstring Octopus Bag Knitting Pattern

Click the link below to get the PAID knitting pattern:

Octopus Bag by Deborah West