Passion Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

This little shawlette is a sweet accessory- perfect for a valentine’s date. There are different versions of shawl wrap that you won’t miss out for any weather. If you love all the needle work, don’t forget to check out all the knit fashions with free patterns. This is an extremely versatile pattern and can be adjusted to be made even bigger and to use up all your yarn- no leftovers here. In addition, it can be made with other weights- just use a needle that gives you the fabric you want. The unique raglan shawl shaping gives you a little hug back as you wear it, and the eyelet row surrounded by a garter ridge gives the simple piece some light, an i-cord cast-off is used to give it a firm but stretchy edge.

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Knit Passion Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

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Passione Amorosa by o rose