Porto Memories Socks Knitting Pattern

Welcome to the 7th pattern in this series, dedicated to a delightful trip to Porto, Portugal! Prepare to embark on a journey through a beautiful and vibrant city brimming with countless activities. But the most enchanting part of the experience was the mesmerising tiles. When it comes to knitting socks, there are countless awesome patterns around, as well as countless stunning sock yarns to choose from! Slippers and Socks might seem a little intimidating to beginners, but in reality they’re quite easy to do once you’ve got some practice. These intricately designed tiles are not only a sight to behold but also make for fantastic souvenirs. With that in mind, these socks are a fusion of the stunning tile patterns I had the pleasure of encountering.

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Porto Memories Socks Knitting Pattern

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Porto Memories Socks by Zanete Knits