Sierra Nevada Shawl Knitting Pattern

This Sierra Nevada Shawl is translating some of the beautiful landscapes of Sierra Nevada into knitted fabric. Summits and valleys, streams and rivers get their interpretations in lace patterns, all coming together in a well balanced modern shawl. Worked at a loose gauge using just two skeins of fingering weight yarn, the piece is airy and light, and very easy to style. If you love all the needle work, don’t forget to check out all the knit fashions with free patterns. Sierra Nevada Shawl combines garter stitch, two types of drop stitches, and simple lace into a delightfully entertaining knit of the best “just one more row” kind. The design is completely symmetrical which allows to adjust it to almost any available yardage and to increase/decrease the length of a shawl to any desired.

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Sierra Nevada Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Sierra Nevada Shawl by Ksenia Naidyon