Simply Scrappy Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

Small, simple things, done with consistency and love, add up to outsized beauty. That’s a reliable recipe for creative work, and it’s the basis of this little cowl created. Cowl is a great way to fend off the first chill of winter because it’s smaller and quicker to knit than your average scarf, giving you something to wear while you work on bigger projects. The Simply Scrappy Cowl is a super relaxing project. It’s ideal for new knitters or anyone who needs a little mental vacation: a bit of ribbing, then straightforward knitting in the round broken up by rows of eyelets. The result is a cosy, adorable cowl that makes the most of any yarn you use.

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Simply Scrappy Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

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Simply Scrappy Cowl by Curious Handmade