Stacking Stars Christmas Tree Free Knitting Pattern

Stacking Stars Christmas Tree is a pattern for nine different sizes of garter stitch stars, ranging from 2 – 6” which can be stacked together to make a rainbow tree. As time to count down and get prepared for the big holiday, with the basic beginner knitting stitches, you can easily twitter it into beautiful home decoration as this cutest star, and turn them into a tree. All the stars are knitted from the same basic formula; you just work more repeats for the bigger sizes. It’s an easy pattern, you only need to know how to cast on and off, to work kf&b and pf&b and to knit two stitches together. The stars could also be used to make bunting or hanging ornaments. 

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Knit Stacking Stars Christmas Tree Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Stacking Stars by Frankie Brown