Ten Stitch Wave Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This Ten Stitch Wave Scarf is another addicting ten stitch example by Frankie, knitted in one long strip only ten stitches wide. The waves at the sides are a repeated pattern of short rows and the strip is joined as you go so there’s no sewing up to do. I have shared some free scarf knitting projects for beginners, easy to follow and practical. Any yarn and needles can be used for this pattern and it can also be used to knit a blanket. Like other Ten Stitch designs, this pattern is easy to memorize. You will absolutely loved this pattern, after the first curl you will get and knit it on the go.

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Ten Stitch Wave Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below to get the FREE knitting pattern:

Ten Stitch Wave by Frankie Brown