Women Garter Stitch Sweater Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

The garter stitch cardigan is a part of traditional bavarian clothing. I like all about it: it is minimalistic, easy to knit and easy to adjust to the individual proportions. Plus it is wearable with anything, anywhere, all year through. Coats and jackets have always been popular and are in current modern winter fashion too! This cardigan, called a Janker in Bavaria, is knitted from bottom up in 5 pieces. It is all garter stitch with a kind of phoney seam (a single brioche stitch) on the back and at the button bands. It has a snug fit and is fitted at the waist and arms. You will need at least 7 buttons for the front. It is quite short, reaching just to the hips. This looks especially well with full skirts and tight high waisted jeans. If you want a longer version knit more rows until the decreasing starts.

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Women Ambling Alp Sweater Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the Free knitting pattern:

Ambling Alp by Jule Kebelmann