Zsa Mask Hat Combo Free Knitting Patterns

Zsa Mask Hats are a quick knit and a fun little hat. The brim can also be rolled up so they are just a regular little hat.   Knit Baby Hats in style with these free knitting patterns, and keep them feel warm and cozy just like stay in mom’s tummy! Babies and Toddlers love whimsy and fun so you can play around with color, shapes and styles when making hats for them.

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Adult: US 9 – 5.5 mm. C.O 80 sts, on 5mm 16 inch circulars. Did a 2×2 rib for 2 inch, 1 row of just knit then b.o 10 sts knit 5 sts b.o 10 sts knit the rest back to the frist 10 b.o sts ,c.o 10 sts knit 5 sts c.o 10 sts (eye holes) now juct keep knit until ( with the hat on and eye looking out holes ) the hat touchs in center.That way the ears stay up. I did a 3 needle c.o on the inside of the hat. Learn more via the link below:

Zsa Mask by Nele Peeters

Zsa Mask Hat Combo Free Knitting Patterns

Kids: Used DK yarn. CO 116. BO 12 for each eye with 6 st between them. Knit in the round with a 3 needle bind off at the end. No seaming. Click the link below to learn more:

Zsa Mask by barbeej