Knit Cozy Lamp Shade Free Knitting Patterns

Make your own knit lamp shade to your reportoire. These soft cozies bring a great winter character to yourhome decoration. By knitting some fantastic simple cozies for your lampshade in neutral hues! Use any thick yarn with low flammability (natural fibers), and choose needles that gives the texture you want.

If you are also willing to knit some fabulous yarn covers for your side table or nightstand lamps then these patterns are for you, they are truly fantastic and each pattern results into a unique and adorable looking lampshade! These crochet lampshades will definitely create a divine look of your lamps if crocheted with stunning yarn colors in a brilliant design texture! But remember to use a low-energy light-bulb to avoid overheating and fire.

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Knit Cozy Lamp Shade Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the free knitting pattern:

Polli knitters’ cozy lamp shade by Kate Pruitt

Knit Grandma Lamp Shade Free Knitting Pattern

Grandma Lamp Shade by Ann Cicilie