Knit Viking Cable Handbag Free Knitting Pattern

Knit Viking Cable Handbag is a good beginner’s project in cable knitting, as this bag is both a small project, but also with quite a few cable stitches to try out. Do you love to knit some bag for yourself if you knit or crochet? I have shared some knitting bag patterns that you won’t miss out, and the scrap bag is a perfect choice I recommend. This Viking Cable Handbag is lightweight, fashionable and compact at the same time. It is excellent for a day in the city and for a beach party as well. This is a good knitting project for more advanced knitters, who has some experience in making cables.

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Knit Viking Cable Handbag Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE knitting pattern:

Viking Bag by Karen S. Lauger